ghislain mirat PHOTOGRAPHER

Edwin – SS22 2022

A circle, a cycle, a loop: the latest lookbook from EDWIN came together during uncharted times, mimicking the polarity of confinement and freedom in an everyday setting. The Spring/Summer 2022 Collection is seen through fisheye, fixed and wide-angle lens, portraying that search for wide-open space to escape the daily monotony.

Creative Direction: Oliver Drewes
Art Direction: Zoé Guedard & Arthur Naulot
Styling: Marine Kemps, Niels Mulder, Zoé Guedard
Filmmaker: José Ostos
DOP: Joaquin Phelan
Set Design: Zoé Guedard & Mathilde Vallantin Dulac
Model: Olivier Nam Son Nguyen
Model: Jean-Sebane Diop
Model: Kamilya Kuspanova Bialas